Industrial Food Process

Food processing includes all methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into marketable food products. This complex process is driven by concerns of sustainability, regulations, safety, environment, flow, efficiency, and hygiene. Which requires purposeful planning and an incredible amount of mechanical and employee resources.

Centurion is sensitive to the needs of our Industrial Food Process clients, working diligently with you to understand the details of your manufacturing process. Working from this understanding, we simplify the process into a construction project, managed through priorities, budget, schedule, and quality control.

Centurion has specific, proven experience working within USDA guidelines for clean environments and temperature controls, installing process piping to feed production lines, rigging and installation of equipment and packaging lines, creating warehouse and raw good storage areas, and constructing employee support areas.

During construction, Centurion is particularly mindful of existing operations and activities. We recognize it is imperative to uphold production levels, keep food processing areas clean and maintain scheduled truck deliveries and shipments. Through thoughtful phasing and coordination efforts, we will work together to successfully resolve these daily concerns while maintaining your schedule and urgency.

Our experience is your greatest resource in making sure that your new or renovated facility will meet every need of your business and exceed your expectations.